What is Amp'd & the story so far...


The Amp'd Show is a conceptual affair of live music run by various musicians from UAE for the love of music, creativity and unity. Amp’d first took place on Dec 14 2015 at Dubai's legendary Music Room & was well received by artists & attendees alike. From then on, The Amp’d Show promised a difference, it was clear that every musician involved created, collaborated & celebrated Music. Amp’d became known for its originality, charisma, concept & above all its diversity, welcoming all languages, ages & nationalities within the UAE. 

Amp'd keeps music culture alive.


The Amp'd team organises weekly Amp'd Open Mic & Jams which gives undiscovered talents in the UAE a chance to be heard and be part of a scene. It takes musicians out of their comfort zone & collaborate with other talented singers, musicians, producers - young or old, amateurs or pros, it doesn't matter - we're all on the same stage.


As off July 21st 2019, in celebration of World Music Day, The Amp'd team launched UAE's first ever dedicated music podcast - Amp'd Cast, for musicians by musicians covering topics ranging from Dubai's Music History, Music Culture, Music Production, Artist life-spans and more. 

Monday July 15th would mark the launch of Amp'd Desi - a dedicated open mic night that caters to over half of UAE's population. Singers and Musicians from the sub-continent gather to celebrate the first ever Desi dedicated open mic night in the UAE.  


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